TEKEN gelooft in een holistische ontwerpstrategie. Alles staat in verbinding met elkaar. De ontwerpopdracht is het vinden van de optimale balans tussen verschillende eisen. Duurzaamheid is meer dan technisch vraagstuk. Iets dat werkelijk duurzaam is, heeft ook een positieve impact op het welzijn. TEKEN streeft daarom steeds naar uniek, architecturaal object dat tot de verbeelding spreekt en bijdraagt tot een gezond binnenklimaat.

Uit “Designing Complexity”, an essay for the 8th annual international conference on urban studies and planning, Athens Institute For Education and Research, Athens, 2018
We are not defined by how tall our buildings are or what color the pavement has but by who we meet, how we move and which flowers we smell in the morning, inspiring us to do better. Good architecture should be about organising these things. It is interconnectedness we need to think about first, because designing is about shaping the way we live and not where we live. In order to do this, we have to accept we are designing for an extreme complex reality. Architecture is designing complexity. We need to simplify handling complexity, rather than to try and simplify complexity itself. We have to at least attempt to include it the best we can, because it is the root of human life. We have to acknowledge its significance, even if this means we also have to acknowledge we can not control everything. If we step away from the modernistic idea of zoning and extreme conceptualisation and start designing connections first we can start to imagine ways we want to fall in love, making friends, but also aspire more technical connections like closed-loops, feedback-loops and re-use. The connection between nature and the build environment can be (re-)designed, sensitizing the population about the impact they have on nature, which is in essence their own nature, too. All these things will support each other and will have an ecological aswel as an economical, social and cultural impact. They will touch every aspect of life directly or indirectly over short and long periods of time.